9th Exhibition for Livestock Farming and Veterinary Medicine
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Topics of the Exhibition

  •  Animal housing

  •  Husbandry and feeding technology
         Animal housing installations, accessories
         Feeding techniques, automatic feeders, waterers
         Technology for dung, solid manure and slurry
         Hygiene, desinfection and cleaning equipment
         Animal care equipment

  •  Equipment, accessories, spare parts, animal identification

  •  Breeding animals, breeding programmes, reproduction technology

  •  Cattle breeding
  •  Pig breeding
  •  Poultry farming
  •  Sheep and goat farming
  •  Rabbit keeping, fur-bearing animal breeding
  •  Fish and water animal farming (FishExpo)
  •  Beekeeping

  •  Feed and feed additives, feedstuff production

  •  Milking and cooling technology, Milk production and processing

  •  Trade, Verarbeitung und Vermarktung

  •  Veterinary medicine



    The 9th Specialized Exhibition for Livestock Farming, Stockbreeding, and Veterinary Medicine "Animal´EX" is part of the 22nd International Exhibition-Fair "AGRO-2010" from June 15 to 19 in Kiev, Ukraine.

    This annualy Specialized Exhibition became one of the most important meetings of farmers, breeders, traders and veterinaries of Ukraine.


    More than 200 Ukrainian and international companies participated in the Animal´EX-2009.
    Over 1,000 animals were presented at the show including cattles, pigs, sheeps, horses, goats, ostriches, rabbits, beavers and poultry. This exhibiton covered the space of pavilions 12 and 8 plus open area around.

    The specialized Exhibition for Fish Farming FishExpo 2009 took place in pavilion 10 and some pond on the exhibition ground. For the third time breeders presented living fishes.

    The programme of the exhibition included numerous seminars and presentations of the Institute for Animal Keeping and Breeding of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, the State Center for the Veterinary, Bio and Pharma Industry, the Department for Fishery of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, and the Agrarian Universities of Ukraine.

    To exhibit at Animal´EX 2010 and/or FishExpo 2010, please use the application forms of AGRO 2010.

    For further questions regarding exhibiting or visiting, please feel free to contact us.

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